Cost Effective Mobile App By Using Ionic Framework

Cost Effective Mobile App By Using Ionic Framework

In the past few years as low cost yet powerful mobile devices have become widely available, the use of smartphones as well as mobile apps has increased exponentially. Consequently, in parallel to the development of native apps, the trend of developing HTML5 based hybrid apps has also seen an increase, for the latter provide cost-effective alternative solutions for developing cross-platform mobile apps. This is where Ionic truly shines as an open-source software development kit that helps developers to build effective hybrid apps that have the look and feel of native apps across all mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.)

A small intro

There are many tools to build hybrid apps for various mobile platforms but very few easy and effective ones to build hybrid or browser-based apps with the smoothness and UX (user experience) of a native app. This is where Ionic strives to fill the gap by providing a framework, which is based on existing AngularJS based tools to give you a familiar feel. Besides, it adds many spectacular features on top of the familiar ones as well. These features allow you to develop compelling UI elements for any app that you are working on for cross-platform deployment.

Easy if you are already familiar with HTML

Ionic is primarily built as a hybrid app development platform and uses HTML5 & JavaScript at its core. Thus, if a developer knows HTML5 & JavaScript, then working with Ionic should be a familiar experience. Although it is known for its simplicity, it is very flexible and effective in building rich hybrid mobile apps across all major platforms. Ionic can support –

  • A wide range of commonly used mobile UI components
  • High-quality animations
  • Exquisite designs

Since Ionic runs on HTML5, it does require a native wrapper. The commonly used ones like Phonegap or Cordova can very well suffice for this. We at Webguru Infosystems are specialized in this framework and can easily help you to build hybrid apps across various mobile platforms.

UI – Unlocking the true potential of Ionic

Ionic has many mobile user interface elements that are very native styled. The screen layouts can easily be made similar to a native app on both Android and iOS platforms. Thus, Ionic opens the door to a whole new world in this area.

Since Ionic is built on a familiar technology of HTML5 and JavaScript, it enables businesses to develop their apps only for a single time as it can then be deployed on multiple platforms such as Android and iOS with the help of native wrappers. Along with this, Ionic being open source also provides a huge resource and support community with an ever-growing knowledge database.

Some advantages of Ionic mobile app development services

  • Ionic easily provides familiar codes from components such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript among others, which are specifically optimised for mobiles.
  • Hybrid apps need to be developed just once through the Ionic framework and the same code base can be used to build apps on all major mobile platforms. This results in a faster turnaround time.
  • CSS code, which is specifically optimised, easily delivers the same look and feel for an app across various mobile platforms thus bringing about a uniformity.
  • Hybrid apps developed within the Ionic app development platform have simple and uncomplicated structures despite having a rich interface. These help in providing an enhanced UX.
  • The integration between AngularJS and Ionic results in a type of code which is more manageable and thus easier to handle. Changes, additions or updates can be made far more quickly due to this.
  • As it employs the common tools of the industry, namely HTML, CSS and JS, and a single code base, the cost for Ionic app development services is much lower.

The significance of HTML5 is going to grow in the area of mobile app development. The Ionic framework enables businesses to take advantage of this existing and proven form of technology to give a more seamless UX of their apps across multiple platforms.

When you choose the Ionic framework to build your app, Webguru Infosystems can help you bring your idea to fruition quickly and effectively. You can avail Ionic app development services from Webguru Infosystems and in the process, get your work done by some of the most seasoned professionals within the industry.

Why Security of Mobile Applications Has Become Important?

Why Security of Mobile Applications Has Become Important?

Are you convinced that your life has become easier than before due to the increased usage of mobile apps? Well, you must accept that statement with a pinch of salt, for the growing use of such apps has been followed by higher incidences of data theft/breach as well. Surprised? Then hear what the experts have to say, for according to Gartner, around 75% of security breaches especially at the endpoints are due to the misconfiguration of mobile apps (Ref: Also, according to a report of BI Intelligence, the total revenue loss due to mobile fraud in 2016 was up to the tune of $350 million (Ref:

Why mobile app frauds take place?

In recent years, the easy availability of low cost yet powerful smartphones has meant a greater number of people have access to them. This, for the customers, has created a greater appetite for apps that are aesthetically pleasing, seamless to navigate and have advanced features. As a result, business enterprises are under tremendous pressure to reach out to these customers on the go with new mobile apps by using technologies such as the Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Analytics or at a nascent level even Artificial Intelligence or AI.

This rush to come out with new mobile apps at the drop of a hat and to be a step ahead of the competition means stringent security checks are often overlooked. This is done in favor of considerations such as faster time to market and a higher ROI. Since, many of these apps hold sensitive customer information such as credit card details, the lowering of built-in security checks has given rise to higher incidences of security breaches. This has made the mobile application development companies incorporate stringent measures to outsmart the hackers and gain the trust of customers.

Methods used by cybercriminals to steal sensitive data

Social Engineering: Attacking mobile apps by exploiting their technical flaws through malware, viruses, worms, and trojans is a less trodden path by cybercriminals compared to the stealing of information by manipulating the psychological aspect of users through social engineering. In this, users are tricked into revealing their sensitive personal information through techniques such as Phishing, Wateringhole, etc.

Spyware: This technique is used more at the enterprise level where tricksters infect business apps used by employees with malicious spyware to steal sensitive business and personal information. Some of the examples are CoolWebSearch, Gator, 180searchAssistant etc.

Mobile Botnet: If your mobile is not protected by an antivirus, it can be infected with a mobile bot or malware targetting your smartphone. The compromised smartphone will then be connected to the servers controlled by the botmaster or a cybercriminal(s) siphoning off personal information and even money. For example, a mobile botnet called HummingBad (now back as HummingWhale) had infected over 10 million Android smartphones in 2016 resulting in a profit of over $300,000 a month for its makers (Ref:

Consequences of a security breach

Hacking into mobile applications is carried out with an alarming regularity but enterprises are able to discover it quite late when the damage has already been done. There can be serious consequences of compromising with mobile app security as listed below.

Loss of revenue: At an individual level, a compromised mobile app (banking, e-commerce, utilities etc) can result in money being siphoned off from bank accounts or digital wallets. However, at the business level, the loss of revenue can happen when

  • Sensitive business information gets stolen through spyware or mobile botnets.
  • Customers discard the mobile app and opt for the rival one after coming to know the mobile app is not secured.

Brand value hit: If customers are in the know of a mobile app being compromised in terms of security, then the brand value of the enterprise or the mobile app development company behind the app takes a hit.

Face lawsuits: Customers or business entities can file lawsuits against the mobile app development agency or the company running the app for compensation.

Increase Website Traffic Through Social Bookmarking

Increase Website Traffic Through Social Bookmarking

All websites compete to rank well in the search engines and reach out to the millions of web visitors. But, very few makeups to the desired ranking. If some do reach the height, but they eventually soon die out in the race. It is only a handful of websites stand tall in the crowd.

We have heard numerous ways of increasing traffic to a website. Social bookmarking has become one of the easiest ways to enhance the flow of visitors to a website.

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is a process wherein the web visitors bookmark their favorite websites on online social bookmarking websites. Web visitors can easily visit their desired website anywhere and anytime.

Today, there are a host of social bookmarking sites that have become widely popular in the web community. To name a few are,, etc.

If many people bookmark a particular website then other web visitors are also persuaded to bookmark it. Eventually, as more and more people start bookmarking, the website becomes increasingly popular in the web community.

Advantages of Social Bookmarking

There are numerous advantages of social bookmarking. These are mentioned below:

  1. Get an idea: When a website is bookmarked by a majority of the web visitors then other visitors get an idea about the popularity of the website. The popularity of the website testifies its authenticity. Thus, a website gains huge traffic in the long run
  2. Importance of Comments: The web visitors give comments on the website. This helps prospective visitors to quickly decide and visit the website in less time. Also, the website owners can learn about user behavior and implement new ways to improve it, if necessary

Significance of tagging in social bookmarking

It is useful if you tag the website with the right keywords. The keywords must be able placed properly so that it can powerfully present the website. Whenever any web visitor enters the keywords in the search engines then the website having similar keywords features first in the search engine results page.

Thus, the right use of tags can help in optimizing your website. This will eventually increase the inflow of traffic to bookmarked websites.