What Does CRM Software Solutions Allow a Company to Do

What Does CRM Software Solutions Allow a Company to Do

A CRM is a highly useful tool for the sales and marketing team. Not just the sales and marketing team but also the entire organization can rely on it to accomplish various business goals. But you must be wondering what CRM software solutions do for organisations. In this short blog, we will look at 5 things a CRM software allows a company to do.

5 Things A CRM Software Solution Can Do for Your Company

Let’s take a look at the 5 things a CRM software solution can do for your company and help it reach sales goals and build a brand.

Consolidate Your Data

Every bit of data that you need on your clients can be consolidated into one place and one software. Do this so that the team members can access all the information from one place. Some of the types of information that you can store in one CRM are:

  • Contact Information
  • Communication History
  • Purchasing History

Improve The Sales Process

A CRM can streamline the sales process effectively. With the analytics from a CRM, you can identify which customers to target to generate more revenue. Moreover, sales managers can set realistic goals and achieve them easily. Moreover, a CRM can help a rookie seller gain sufficient information on the customers without having to know the history of the client.

Focus On Customers

CRM software solutions can help sales reps make the right decisions at the right opportunities. When selling becomes more personalised, customers feel appreciated and valued. A CRM solution can therefore turn the focus on the customers. Moreover, sales reps can also anticipate the customer’s needs and solve their problems in record time.


Without a doubt, the CRM software also helps the marketing teams. Through the analytics section of the CRM, one can easily know to whom to market. Marketers can nurture prospective leads and then turn leads into advocates.

Helps in Customer Support

A CRM software certainly helps in customer support. The customer support team can gain information from the CRM to solve problems for the client. Faster response, to customer problems, means that the data on the customer should only be a click away. Hence a CRM can help customer support teams with the same.


Therefore, CRM software solutions are widely necessary for any large or small corporation to keep information on their customer base. CRM brings value to your business. Moreover, it helps to manage the sales activities and customer data from one place. Also, you do not have to spend precious time switching back and forth from all the various applications and browser tabs.

In conclusion, we would like to mention that if you are looking for a CRM solution provider to help you set up your CRM, reach out to Actovision.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right CRM Solution Provider

5 Tips for Choosing the Right CRM Solution Provider

Once you have purchased a CRM or a Customer Relationship Management software it’s time to set it up and customise it for your company. How do you do that? You can always attempt to set up the CRM by yourself if you have any prior experience.

However, in most cases, businesses tend to outsource the job to a CRM solution provider. Such a company is responsible for setting up the CRM for the right functionality. Hence, here are 5 tips for choosing the right CRM solution provider.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right CRM Solution Provider

  • Tip #1: Choose an Experienced Company

When picking a CRM solution provider, choose a company that is highly experienced. The company should be aware of the different software that is available in the market and should have expertise in setting them up. Experience counts in setting up the CRM, trust us.

  • Tip #2: Previous Experience with Your Domain

When it comes to choosing the right CRM solution you need to pick a company that has had previous experience with your domain. Ideally, the CRM solution provider should have sufficient experience and knowledge of your industry sector. This will certainly help them when they try to set up your CRM. Customising your CRM according to the requirements of the sector is a very necessary step.

  • Tip #3: They Should Have Knowledge of Multiple CRMs Software

What sets apart a good CRM solution provider is the ability to manage multiple CRM software. Since one can purchase CRM from many vendors, the solution provider should have expertise with the given software. Setting up a CRM is not an easy task, so choose a company that has some years of experience, instead of a complete fresher.

  • Tip #4: Pick the Right Price Point

Choosing the right CRM solution also has to come at the right price point. You shouldn’t pay more or less to the vendor. Therefore, choosing the right vendor suitable to your requirements and price point is very essential.

  • Tip #5: Support and Maintenance

Lastly, choose a company that provides you with proper support and maintenance for the long run. The company should offer guidance and help whenever you are stuck with a problem in the set-up of the CRM.


So in conclusion, choosing the right CRM solution provider is a decision that can make or break the entire sales and management teams of your business. If you are a small company, the CRM is what you will rely on to make the relationship with your customers a smooth one. That’s why hiring a professional CRM solution provider to set up the entire CRM is a crucial business decision.

5 Reasons to Consider an Enterprise CRM Solution Today!

5 Reasons to Consider an Enterprise CRM Solution Today!

Customers are still king and businesses that respect that tend to succeed. The best way to manage customers and the business together is with an enterprise CRM solution. Such a solution has manifold benefits for your venture which can help it to grow.

A CRM provides a single platform on which to connect every part of the organisation, provide real-time insights, dashboards, reports, and run ad campaigns. In this blog, we will look at why you should consider a CRM solution.

5 Reasons to Consider an Enterprise CRM Solution

Let’s look at 5 vital reasons an enterprise solution can help small businesses grow.

  • Better Customer Service

The primary reason a CRM is required is because of the business-customer relationship. The CRM can provide all the information about the customer at one’s fingertips. One can learn about the demographics, purchase records and previous messages, all of which can help provide better customer service.

  • In-depth Analytics

The enterprise CRM solution can gain plenty of data about your customers. However, employees will need to know how to use the data and what insights can be gained from it. All CRM software has built-in analytics and associated metrics. Hence, this is can be very helpful in judging the success of a marketing campaign.

  • Centralised Database of Information

A CRM provides the entire organisation with a centralised database of information. This makes it easy for everyone in the company to access it. In case any customer has previously contacted the business, all the records of that interaction will be available to the sales rep. Employees save time instead of digging through all the past records.

  • Smoother Internal Communications

In a typical marketing environment, the sales and marketing team work in tandem, however, they can play the blame game when mistakes occur. The biggest reason to get an enterprise CRM solution is to have a single source of truth. Employees have one reference point which facilitates smoother internal communication.

  • Increased Sales

You can streamline your sales process with an enterprise CRM. From the sales pipeline to increasing sales production and productivity, a CRM can help you do it all. Moreover, you can tweak the issues as they arise in the CRM.


Several companies can utilize an enterprise CRM solution to reap the benefits of customer interaction. In case you have a dedicated sales team, a CRM is a vital and very important aspect of the sales process. Businesses that seek to increase their efficiency can consider utilising this software platform for an increase in productivity and efficiency. On that note, we request you to choose Actovision to help you set up and utilise CRM software today!