3 Killer Tips for Conversion Funnel Optimisation

If you are a business owner looking to increase your conversion rate and boost sales, one of the aspects you will be looking at is how to optimise your sales funnel. This is known as conversion funnel optimisation.

Without a doubt, as a business owner, you must be aware of some of the ways in which a sales funnel can be optimised. But Actovision, has got more for you, after years of experience in the field of building highly converting landing pages, we’ve jotted down 3 sure-fire tips that actually yield results!

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Effective way to boost Conversion Funnel Optimisation

  • It All Depends on the Landing Page

If the landing page or the sales page isn’t attractive, compelling and engaging enough, you’ve got dead weight on your hands. The type of landing page you design typically depends on the “temperature” of the audience you are working with. For instance, is your target audience “hot” or “cold”? Depending on whether they already know a lot about your business and are ready to purchase (hot) or they know nothing and have never heard of your business (cold), you can decide on the type of LP to make.

  • Include Social Proof (Make it Authentic)

There is only one way to get people to believe that you are authentic. That is if other genuine people consider you authentic as well! So how do you do that? If you have the relevant testimonials and their social media handles as well, you can choose to include them on the landing page. Awards, FAQs, certification badges and client logos are other pacifiers for the wary client. The conversion funnel optimisation needs social proof!

  • Guide the Customer to Buy with CTAs

When a customer lands on your landing page, they need to be guided to ultimately take the important action of buying. So you have to use a couple of CTAs that pull and don’t push customers into taking a decision. Keep CTAs clear and simple. Don’t make the user feel like they have to do a lot of work, by using words like “Submit”, “Sign Up”, or “Click here”. Whatever you do, you need to guide your customer, with the right CTA, slowly towards making the right decision. That is, to buy.

Wrapping Up

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