4 Ways to Checkout Page Optimization

In case you are losing customers on the checkout page and people are abandoning their carts during the checkout process, you need to optimize that page. The average cart abandonment rate is 70% and you as a business owner cannot afford to lose these people who are keen on purchasing but for some reason are leaving their carts.

Why aren’t they buying from us? Some of the primary reasons could be because there is the shipping fees, there are more upfront costs and other reasons which could make the customer drop off. So, what are the checkout page optimization that you can do? Learn more, only in this blog.

4 Ways You Can Optimize Your Checkout Page

Here are some of the ways you can optimize the checkout on your landing page.

  • Use Urgency and the Fear of Missing Out

One of the marketing tactics that works like crazy is a fear of urgency and fear of missing out. If people believe a deal is about to run out or products are about to go off the shelf, they are more likely to decide and buy the products and services. One of the things you can do is offer a discount on the products in the cart. This may urge the customer to quickly make a decision.

  • Try to Avoid Surprise Costs

Another aspect of checkout page optimization is that you try to avoid surprise costs. People hate, and they really hate you adding up hidden costs in the checkout process. If you cannot offer free shipping, all you need to do is mention that in the beginning and not at the end. Include it with the proper cost of the product so that the user does not get surprised with hidden costs.

  • Multiple Payment Options

Always include multiple payment options, like UPI, credit card, debit card, etc. People abandon carts when they cannot find a payment option to suit their purposes. So, to change that, you need to include many payment options so that customers do not abandon their carts. Most people who pay online want an easy way to pay via mobile. Hence, give them the option that they require.

  • Security Issues

People do not like it when security issues take place. They hate to part with their credit or debit card information when they do not trust the website. Hence, it is necessary to add safety measures for the checkout page optimization.

Wrapping Up

Choose to perform checkout page optimization and increase the landing page’s ROI. You can reach out to Actovision for the creation of stellar landing pages that convert easily. We specialize in making high-converting landing pages that help with your business goals. Hurry up and reach out.


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