5 Essential Landing Page Elements

Landing pages are a great way to get fresh and relevant leads. However, for a landing page to be effective, it needs to have some VIE or very important elements. These elements make or break the landing page. One of the important aspects of the landing page is CRM integration consultation. It’s a consultation you need to have with landing page creator about which CRM is the best one for you to be integrated at the back-end.

Landing page creators usually have their own preference in terms of CRM, choosing to use simple solutions like Konnektive CRM or sticky.io. However, if you are unsure of which CRM to integrate, leave it to the wisdom of Landing Page creators like Actovision! So on that note, let’s look at 5 essential landing page elements.

5 Sales Page Elements That Are Essential

Apart from CRM integration consultation, here are some of the elements of a landing page you cannot do without.

  • Compelling Headlines

The first thing you need on your landing page is compelling copy and headlines. The language you use on your landing page should be highly accurate, yet convincing without being too pushy. Both subheads and headlines should be able to convey within a matter of “blinks” what your landing page is about.

  • Pictures

Pictures speak 1000 words. What you need a couple of paragraphs to convey can be done with one picture. Hence, do not forget to add reasonable and good quality images that can help you to get the message of your landing page across.

  • CRM integration consultation

The third most essential thing that your sales page requires in its backend is a CRM. The CRM manages information about the customers that come to your sales page. It helps you to analyse the kind of traffic that comes to your landing page, so that you can decide who to target next.

  • Reviews

Reviews are a great way to build trust with clients who visit your sales page for the very first time. Always include reviews into your landing pages for a more authentic feel.

  • Fill-up Form 

Include a short fill-up form on your landing page, so that you can get insights about all the customers that land on your sales page. Fill-up forms should not be short and should not cause the person to leave before they fill it out.


So, here we have some of the most essential elements of a sales page which include the CRM integration consultation. Reach out to us at Actovision for the creation of your landing page. We give you high-converting landing pages so that you can easily sell your products/services for better performance.


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