Advantages of CRM Set-Up Solutions for Your Landing Page

When you create a landing page for your product or service, one of the things you need to do is integrate a CRM at the backend. A CRM is a tool that helps you to learn more about your customers. It helps you gain a lot of information about your customers, including who they are, where they came from and whether they have converted or not.

Hence, if you are looking for a CRM set-up solution at the backend of your landing page, reach out to Actovision. We can help you create, manage and monitor high-converting landing pages.

Benefits of CRM set-up solution for your landing page

  • Handle scale of operations

The first problem that needs to be solved is the scale of operations. Manually following up on every lead and copying it from excel sheets is a hassle you can avoid. Moreover, the leads directly go to the CRM and you can follow them up without a problem. So you can handle customers on a large scale.

  • Helps you to do A/B testing

With a CRM you can analyse which landing page is the best converting one. You will get this piece of information easily once a CRM has been integrated into the landing page. Once you identify the landing page that converts, you can rebrand the rest of the HTML pages to that particular one. This information can help you to understand which landing page is the highest-converting one.

  • Quickens communication

A CRM helps you to communicate properly with the leads that have entered your landing page. Since the record of the leads goes directly to the CRM, it is convenient and easy to track the leads. Middle of the funnel and top-of-the-funnel optimisation can be done once the leads have been gathered from the top of the funnel. CRM set-up solution helps to do this.

  • Improves your campaign

The most important idea of integrating a CRM is to improve your campaign. You can understand what are the aspects that are required to be optimised. For example, you can know which landing pages are successful and which sales funnels generated the most revenue.

  • Helps manage the entire campaign

The CRM helps you to manage the entire campaign. From the product set-up to the order fulfilment, the CRM is responsible for automating the entire process.


Therefore, in this way, the CRM set-up solution can be easily carried out by Actovision. We will help with creating landing pages, and integrating CRMs like Konnektive CRM and Moreover, we help manage the sales funnels so that you get the best in high-converting sales pages.


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