Avoid these 3 mistakes in Facebook Advertising


Undoubtedly one of the most prospective mediums for online marketing or digital marketing, Facebook is any day the darling of contemporary marketers. The social media giant assures an expansive exposure to the brands thanks to its worldwide member base, with members from every demographic, gender and age. Lured by the tons of success stories on Facebook advertising, a lot of business owners opt to campaign their brands over here- but then not all of them could achieve the desired heightened success.

There have been incidents where a business owner took to every standard means for Facebook
advertising- namely, persuasive posts, stylish headline , high resolution images- yet when he launches the campaign- it’s only boom and fail for him. If only had he known how to stay aware of the mistakes of Facebook advertising.

The post below aims to alert you on such mistakes to take care of.

No landing page optimization or lack of lead magnet

It’s a busy world today where your visitors won’t accommodate you more than 15 seconds while
they are on your platform. Thus, if you cannot make the best of every second, you would be
losing out big time. As per the Facebook ad gurus, if you are paying 1 dollar for a single click and you lose out on the prospects in initial fifteen seconds, you have just wasted $240 an hour in not being able to engage your audience clicking on your advertisements.

Would you be able to bear such a costly mistake? Definitely, a big NO.

The hardcore truth is, today it’s never adequate to drive in traffic to homepage or contact page and expect great results. It would have been relevant 5 years back but these days, it’s all about optimum VALUE. In order to optimize the advertising efforts, one needs to funnel his target visitors to landing page, armed with lead magnet- the resource which demonstrates your knowledge, skills and expertise as well as makes you appear as “the” problem-solver before the target niche.

If you can build up trust through goodwill gestures, it always makes the route to sales easier.

Lack of A/B split tests

After some years in the industry, we all feel that we know almost everything about our customers’ expectations. Well, it’s not how things work. What you know is guesswork and until and unless you test the assumption, you never have the definite answers. One of the deadliest mistakes when it comes to Facebook advertising is lack of A/B split tests. In fact, testing is of fundamental importance when it comes to Facebook Advertising. Thus, you have to take rigorous testing on just everything you put to boost your marketing campaign on Facebook- the headline, the image, the posts and so on. Adequate number of tests will be able to reveal what’s actually working and what’s not or what you could do to improve. It’s a continuous ongoing procedure which will make you create Facebook ads in multiple variations to see which one suits the most. Don’t get tired of so many variations if you want to have the last smile.

Not so appealing value proposition

Your headline is the first thing that the visitor finds in your page and if it doesn’t convey anything compelling- something that would benefit them somehow, why would a visitor click on it? You might have come up with an amazing service or product but your headline has to convey that very “amazing” message first- any problem here and your Facebook ad campaign is all set for doom.

Here are some tips to ensure compelling headline-

  • Be specific about what you can deliver
  • Be specific about how different you are from your competitors
  • Be specific about points that would make your reader care.

There are just 25 characters for you and hence spare no room for ambiguity. However, the quotient of “value proposition” does not apply to the headline only. It must be echoed throughout the customer journey- starting from the visitors first click on the ad to reaching your site to shopping your service or product. You have to make your customers feel that you always have their best of interests in mind. Maximize each opportunity to convey the message and you would be steadily topping at the competition.


The biggest challenge in your way to successful Facebook advertising campaign, is you, the business owner. You can either ignore the alarms mentioned above and ruin the campaign completely or be careful about the sins and prevent them – to lead your route to optimum success.


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