What is event-driven programming and how does it apply to Node.js?

Event-driven programming is a popular and powerful programming model used to create applications that are reactive to user interactions and other events. Node.js is a popular platform for developing applications with event-driven programming. In this blog post, we’ll look at what event-driven programming is, how it applies to Node.js, and why it’s such a powerful […]

How to Market Your Ecommerce App?

Generate Awareness before App Launch Running an exhaustive marketing campaign before releasing the app is a great strategy. It will keep your customers curious and all excited. Take the market by storm with a solid marketing strategy. Announce it on your website, including the news in your newsletter, and post on social media – there […]

Benefits Of Conversational Marketing For Your Brand

Conversational marketing is a relatively new kind of advertising that you may or may not be familiar with. Has your screen ever shown up with a chatbot in the bottom-right corner? A conversational marketing strategy has been put into practice. Conversational Marketing: What Is It? One-to-one marketing, or conversational marketing, is a way for businesses […]

Benefits of Web App Development

From large enterprises to small and medium scale businesses – all are leaning towards building a web app to enable the target audience to access their online destination effortlessly. If you are looking to engage web application development services anytime soon, this blog is a must-read. Here, we will explore some of the crucial features your web […]

Best Way of Mobile App Security

With the rapid increase in cybercrime, security is no longer a feature in a mobile app. It is the bare minimum. Advanced features and high-end functionalities will not provide an out-of-the-box experience to your users if it fails to ensure their safety. Since most of the apps ask for access to the device features such […]

Cost Effective Mobile App By Using Ionic Framework

In the past few years as low cost yet powerful mobile devices have become widely available, the use of smartphones as well as mobile apps has increased exponentially. Consequently, in parallel to the development of native apps, the trend of developing HTML5 based hybrid apps has also seen an increase, for the latter provide cost-effective […]

Why Security of Mobile Applications Has Become Important?

Are you convinced that your life has become easier than before due to the increased usage of mobile apps? Well, you must accept that statement with a pinch of salt, for the growing use of such apps has been followed by higher incidences of data theft/breach as well. Surprised? Then hear what the experts have […]

Cloud Hosting vs Shared Hosting, Which is better in 2020?

Appealing, user-friendly and super fast websites are not just created out of thin air, for web hosting solutions have a great role to play in delivering the final results! Whether it is a comprehensive e-commerce website or a simple blog-based site, the web hosting services do the heavy lifting of tasks at the backend. Primarily, […]

How Does An e-Learning Management System Help Businesses

Is your business struggling to meet its objectives and project deadlines? Is the quality of your products or services not meeting the prescribed standard? Chances are your workforce may need to be retrained to fully understand and execute the various processes of your operational workflow. It is possible that a lack of quality training has […]

What Are The Social Media Trends Of 2020?

According to a report, internet users spent a daily average time of 144 minutes on social media networking in 2019, which is, of course, greater than the time spent on social media in the preceding years (Source: statista.com). This trend tells us that social media is here to make waves thereby impacting people and their […]

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