Connect Your Landing Page to a CRM and Reap the Benefits Today

In this blog, this CRM solution provider in the UK will talk about how you can benefit from linking your landing page to a CRM like Konnektive,, Clickbank, Digistore24, or CBSplit.

The first reason is obvious and a no-brainer. The customer information from the landing page will directly go to your CRM system. This consolidates all the information in one place and makes it easier for the sales rep to capture leads.

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What is a landing page and why should you connect it to the CRM?

A standalone web page that customers visit after clicking on a link in an ad is known as a landing page. This page can be used by marketers to gain vital customer details and nurture leads as they progress through the sales funnel.

Hence it is encouraged to connect this directly with a CRM to speed up the sales process. Once the landing page is connected to a CRM (a task you can outsource to Actovision) there is an enhancement to the sales funnel that can’t be achieved otherwise.

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How is a landing page integrated into a CRM?

The general steps of integrating a CRM into a landing page are as follows:

Step 1: Create a well-designed landing page.

Step 2: Perform the field mapping between the landing page and the CRM. You can outsource this task to Actovision if the CRMs you are using are the ones mentioned above.

Step 3: Set up tracking with a unique HTML code and track the customer throughout the website.

3 Compelling Reasons You Should Integrate Landing Page into a CRM

  • No more manual entries, speeds up sales processes

This CRM solution provider in the UK suggests linking the landing page to CRM to speed up the entire sales process. Before there used to be manual uploading of leads into an Excel sheet. Now, the leads directly enter the CRM system meaning you can scale up operations considerably.

  • Greater Sales intelligence

As this CRM solution provider in the UK knows, a landing page can collect tons of information on prospective clients. For instance, you can find out what forms were filled, which ad they responded to, which keyword they used, the source of referral, and the state they’re from. All this information enters your CRM and helps in lead enrichment.

  • Re-targeting

It may take multiple prompts for a lead to convert to a sale. Hence, using a CRM and other integrated tools you can retarget prospective clients as they pass through the sales funnel. The CRM can help you retarget via search, social or email campaigns.


As you can see, CRM is a highly useful tool for the sales process. In connection with the landing pages, they can help to nurture leads, re-target and speed up the sales process further.

So if you are looking for a CRM solution provider in UK to help integrate your landing page and CRM, reach out to Actovision. We are experienced in the CRMs mentioned above and can help you to maximise returns from the connection of a landing page to the CRM.

Apart from integrating the landing page with the CRM, we also offer services like Funnel setup, Check-out Page Optimization, and Gateway integration among others. Get in touch with us today for a complete consultation.


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