Difference between a dynamic and a static website


Web design services in Kolkata have become indispensable to the growth of your business. But there are so many different types of websites that you might feel confused about the best choice for your business. But don’t worry! We got you. One of the leading website designers in Kolkata is going to explain it to you. A website is one of the most critical tools you require to grow your business in the 21st century. It is almost impossible to achieve your business goals without a proper website. With the help of the most renowned website design company in Kolkata, you can accomplish all your business goals. Generally speaking, websites can be divided into two categories Static websites and dynamic websites. Depending on your requirements, the type of business you are in, and your budget, you can choose from any of the two. In the following section, we have explained both of these types and also listed their advantages.

Static Websites

Creating a static website is the simplest, easiest, and most economical way to take your business online, expand the domain of your business and start reaping the enormous benefits of the internet. When you are just starting and have a limited budget, a static website is your best option. It is well-suited for a business where you do not regularly need to change and update the displayed products and services. Get the best quality static website at an affordable price with the help of Esspesoft, the leading low-cost web design company in Kolkata. Static websites are the most basic websites, but they offer functionality like downloading images, product brochures, etc. Another great benefit of static websites is that they are fast, browser-friendly, and easy to navigate.
At Esspesoft, the best low-cost web design company in Kolkata, our talented team helps you create the most professional-looking and eye-catching static websites. We provide the best static website design services in Kolkata. The journey of creating a stunning static website for your business begins with researching your field and understanding your requirements. After thorough research, the team finalizes the initial layout, which is then customized according to your vision to create the most well-suited static website for your business.

Advantages of static websites:
● Static websites are economical and can be created in a short period of time.
● Static websites have lower maintenance demands which are ideal for small businesses as
they don’t have to worry about extra expenses.
● It is easier and less time-consuming to make changes to a static website. You can
customize the interface of a static website conveniently.
● Static websites that are highly secure and have no security vulnerabilities.
● Building and running a static website doesn’t require extensive and complex software.
● Static websites are faster, and this factor drastically improves their ranking on search
● Restoring a static website is much easier than a dynamic website because you can easily
reuse the base code.
Hire the best web designers in Kolkata and create a stunning static website that leaves a
long-lasting impression on all your clients.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic websites are a more advanced form of websites. These have much more advanced
designing, coding, and development requirements. In the case of dynamic websites, the web
pages are generated in real-time. Dynamic websites are great for eCommerce businesses. To create a fantastic dynamic online store at an affordable price, contact Esspesoft, the best
eCommerce website design company in Kolkata. The content of a static website always remains the same (unless changes are made to the underlying code), but dynamic websites can present different content from the same source code. The quality of the code determines the quality of your dynamic website. Your website is almost useless if the quality of the code is poor. Never compromise the quality of your website because of the price. Get the best dynamic website design and code quality within your budget with the help of the best website design company in Kolkata. Furthermore, the content displayed on a dynamic website is user-dependent, i.e., the website depicts the content according to users’ clicks. Therefore, dynamic websites can be customized based on what the user is looking for.
Dynamic websites are highly effective and suitable for businesses where products and services have to be changed constantly. They allow the owner to make these changes without making any changes in the source code. The owners of dynamic websites can change the desired images, upload new information, and add or remove products and services from their website according to their requirements with the help of an administrator control panel. At Esspesoft, the leading website company in Kolkata, we have a dedicated team of the best dynamic website designers. We help you develop superior quality dynamic websites which exceed your expectations, not your budget.

Advantages of Dynamic websites:
● They are more advanced than static websites. Dynamic websites have boosted
functionality. With a static website, you can also create novel and customized functions
from scratch.
● Dynamic websites can be customized in such a way that they demonstrate content
based on the visitors’ needs.
● Dynamic websites can be paired with a content management system that helps you
organize and store data efficiently and also enhance the functionality of your website.
● A dynamic website can have multiple admins. Therefore, various users can modify and
customize content on dynamic websites.
● One of the most impressive advantages of dynamic websites is that they enable user
interaction. Users find dynamic websites more aesthetically pleasing and helpful.



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