How to Use Instagram Hashtags for Business?

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It is not hard to believe that the transforming power Instagram has on businesses transcends all the boundaries of traditional digital marketing. Unlike any other social media platform, Instagram is a transformational giant. There are not many ways to transform a business into a brand in such a short time interval other than Instagram. You can change the entire perception of your business and remodel it into a brand with the help of the best Instagram growth agency in India.

Instagram is a social media platform with tremendous growth potential. It is hard to imagine a successful business today which does not have a strong presence on Instagram. Instagram has over a 1.3billion active users. The number is beyond human imagination. If you are not using Instagram for the growth, expansion, and reputation of your business, you are certainly missing out! Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing social media platform. It is a powerful business development tool. You can use Instagram to open your online shop, run live fundraisers, manage bookings and reservations and start effective paid campaigns. The business development options on Instagram are limitless. Therefore, you must include Instagram marketing in your digital marketing strategy and begin utilizing the enormous benefits of Instagram.

Instagram marketing is not just about going viral and then descending into oblivion again. It is about growing steadily and keeping that growth consistent and stable. Anyone can go viral for a day or two, but the real challenge is staying relevant. When it comes to staying relevant on social media platforms like Instagram, you might require professional help. You can achieve all your Instagram marketing goals and reach out to all your potential customers with the help of Esspesoft, the best Instagram marketing agency in India.

The importance of Instagram Hashtags

Let’s now discuss one of the most critical factors that determine your growth and engagement on Instagram. Before you consider this ubiquitous hashtag (#) sign redundant, let me tell you about its importance. The hashtag is what plays one of the significant roles in your growth and expansion on Instagram. There are so many factors that propel your growth on Instagram and influence engagement on your posts, and the hashtag is the most important of them all. Some of the essential benefits of using hashtags are mentioned below.

1. Visibility:

Visibility is one of the driving forces for business growth on Instagram. Visibility is
how many people see your posts or profile on Instagram. Visibility also determines how easy it is to find your business on Instagram. Your business cannot succeed on Instagram if it lacks visibility. The primary purpose of your Instagram marketing strategy is to reach as many people as possible, and to do that; you must have high visibility. Hashtags are the most effective tools for increasing your visibility. You can use hashtags to expand your reach (increase the number of people that see your post) and improve brand awareness.
Whenever users search for a specific hashtag relevant to your business, they will see your post in the results. The more you appear in the results, the more followers you would gain. You can also create your customized hashtags and encourage your customers and followers to follow them. Creating your own hashtag helps you stay on the top of your field and keep the competition at bay. Skyrocket your visibility with the help of an Instagram growth agency in India.

2. Scannability:

Social media platforms are incredibly fast-paced. People do not see your graphics and read your captions; they just scan through it all. If your posts are not scannable and do not catch people’s attention in a fraction of seconds, you will never get the attention you desire. When you use the right hashtags with your posts, it makes them more scannable. Users can scan your post at a glance and understand what it is about. This might intrigue them to read the entire post and check out your profile rather than just scrolling through your post.

3. Audience Analysis:

Another essential benefit of using hashtags is that they allow you to understand your audience. When you use different hashtags with different posts, you can easily observe which post got maximum engagement. You can easily understand which hashtags get more visibility, likes, comments, and shares. Therefore, you can determine your customers’ behavior towards different hashtags, which will eventually help you create a seamless Instagram marketing strategy and bring in more conversions.

4. Stay trendy and relevant:

In the fast-paced world of social media, nothing is constant! The wheel of trends keeps shifting, and if you are not always up-to-date about all the trending topics, you are missing out! Keep an eye for the trending hashtags and use them in their content. Using trending hashtags will help you stay relevant, increase your reach, appeal to a larger audience, and get more engagement and exposure. Therefore, use all tools at your disposal to track all the trending hashtags. Also, follow your competitors, so you always know what hashtags they are using.

5. Brand creation and Promotion:

Instagram can help you transform your business into a legitimate and well-known brand, and hashtags help you accelerate this process. You can create
unique and customized hashtags that set your business apart and appeal to your audience. Your customized hashtags will also help you create a community around your brand, which in turn would help you promote your brand with the help of shares from your loyal followers. You can also avail the best Instagram influencer marketing in India for the promotion of your brand.

Now that we have understood the importance of hashtags and how they can help you grow your business and promote your brand, let us talk about the usage of hashtags. How can you use hashtags so that you get maximum growth and engagement? Here is the answer to your question.

1. How many Hashtags to use for your posts:

How many hashtags to use for your Instagram posts is one of the most contested questions. All the experts have different opinions about the number of hashtags one should use for his Instagram posts. The best answer to this question is that you have to find out what works best for you. Experiment with your hashtags. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags. You can go for different hashtag volumes for various posts and then find at what volume you get the optimum engagement; that is your sweet spot. The most popular consensus is to use around 10 to 15 hashtags in your post, while others recommend 3 to 4 hashtags as enough. It is ultimately determined by your audiences’ taste. So you would need to do some testing to get familiar with your audiences’ tastes and find the hashtag volume that works best for you.

2. Include hashtags in your first comment:

If you want to get more exposure and make your posts look more clutter-free and professional, you must use hashtags in the comment section. When you use too many hashtags in your captions, it makes your post look messy and unprofessional, and your audience might interrupt it as desperation. Also, using too many hashtags in your caption could be overwhelming. The best-looking caption is that one that has a minimalistic look and feels to it. Therefore, you must limit the use of hashtags in your captions and prevent them from looking messy. What you can do instead is to use some of your hashtags in the first comment of your post. It would help you enhance visibility, increase engagement and make your post look way more minimalistic and professional.

3. Finding the right hashtags for you:

Using hashtags is not about adding the hast sign in front of all the words that pop up in your mind. Using hashtags is an art that requires both insight and research. You cannot generate any engagement if you are not using the right hashtags. The usage of random words as your hashtag would give you virtually no benefit. Therefore, you must put some effort into finding the right hashtags to grow organically and promote your brand.
Here are some essential things to remember while selecting hashtags for your posts.

  • First and foremost, all the hashtags you use in your post must be relevant to your
    For example, if you run a car rental business, you must use hashtags pertinent to the automobile industry and booking services and avoid using hashtags that are not related, such as #love, #photography, and #nature.


  • Use online tools to research the most efficient and trendy hashtags for your industry.
    You can use tools such as All Hashtag and Sistrix. These tools will help you find the
    most relevant that help you generate more engagement and meet your Instagram
    marketing goals.


  • Check out your competitors and influencers related to your industry, observe what
    kind of hashtags they are using, and incorporate these hashtags in your posts. If it is
    working for your competitors and famous influencers, it would definitely help you.


The most critical factor for successful hashtags is ensuring that the hashtags you use intrigue your target audience. If your hashtags capture your audiences’ interest, you are on the right track.

4. Use Hashtags with your Instagram stories:

Using hashtags with stories is one of the most effective yet unutilized ways to increase your reach. Yes, you can use Instagram hashtags with your stories to improve your engagement and expand your reach. When you use hashtags with your stories, your stories appear on the hashtag page, and the people who follow (or search for) that hashtag can see your story even if they do not follow you. Always remember to use your own custom hashtags with your stories along with other relevant hashtags. There are two ways to use Instagram hashtags with your stories. One is to use the text tool directly, and the other is to use the sticker option.

5. Create your custom brand hashtag:

Consistency is the key to steady growth. But using the hashtags, again and again, is a flawed hashtag strategy. Instead, create a custom brand hashtag for your business and use that with every post. Keep changing other hashtags with more trending and relevant hashtags. This way, you can create a community around your branded hashtag that your loyal customers use and share. Using your brand hashtag also helps you establish credibility, sets you apart from the competition, and reflects authenticity.

Hashtags have enormous benefits for growing your brand on Instagram. Hashtags help you reach more people, grow your following and get more engagement. Therefore, every business owner needs to learn to use hashtags effectively. Remember to use hashtags that suit your content and appeal to your audience and follow our guide to maximizing engagement. To get more out of your Instagram marketing and achieve all your branding goals, connect with Esspesoft, the best Instagram marketing company in India.



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