Increase Website Traffic Through Social Bookmarking

All websites compete to rank well in the search engines and reach out to the millions of web visitors. But, very few makeups to the desired ranking. If some do reach the height, but they eventually soon die out in the race. It is only a handful of websites stand tall in the crowd.

We have heard numerous ways of increasing traffic to a website. Social bookmarking has become one of the easiest ways to enhance the flow of visitors to a website.

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is a process wherein the web visitors bookmark their favorite websites on online social bookmarking websites. Web visitors can easily visit their desired website anywhere and anytime.

Today, there are a host of social bookmarking sites that have become widely popular in the web community. To name a few are,, etc.

If many people bookmark a particular website then other web visitors are also persuaded to bookmark it. Eventually, as more and more people start bookmarking, the website becomes increasingly popular in the web community.

Advantages of Social Bookmarking

There are numerous advantages of social bookmarking. These are mentioned below:

  1. Get an idea: When a website is bookmarked by a majority of the web visitors then other visitors get an idea about the popularity of the website. The popularity of the website testifies its authenticity. Thus, a website gains huge traffic in the long run
  2. Importance of Comments: The web visitors give comments on the website. This helps prospective visitors to quickly decide and visit the website in less time. Also, the website owners can learn about user behavior and implement new ways to improve it, if necessary

Significance of tagging in social bookmarking

It is useful if you tag the website with the right keywords. The keywords must be able placed properly so that it can powerfully present the website. Whenever any web visitor enters the keywords in the search engines then the website having similar keywords features first in the search engine results page.

Thus, the right use of tags can help in optimizing your website. This will eventually increase the inflow of traffic to bookmarked websites.


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