Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2022

Social media marketing will continue to evolve in the next 5 years, with many new strategies and tactics coming out of the woodwork to keep up with the ever-changing online landscape. In 2022, social media marketing companies will need to be innovative, observant, and well-equipped to handle the shifting needs of their clients if they want to remain in business. The following are some trends that social media marketing experts will likely observe over the next few years.

Social Media Is Changing How We Interact

According to Forbes , social media has changed how we all interact and connect. People are becoming more emotionally dependent on social platforms, spending up to 25 hours per week interacting with friends. Users have also become more reliant on their smartphones, relying on them not only as communication devices but also as tools that keep them organized and connected while they go about their daily routines. Social media marketing companies will continue developing strategies in response to these changes, creating a cycle of evolution.

What The User Wants

The demand for social media marketing companies has grown tremendously over time, primarily because of a high demand from companies who are looking to cater to their customers. Considering that most people now use social media at least once a day, it is necessary to find professionals who can help you make your company popular on those platforms.

The Main Players Are Changing

Most social media marketing agencies focus on a single platform and are experts in that area, but in 2032 that won’t be enough. At some point there will be so many platforms to market on and target audiences with it would be impossible to specialize just in one. Social media marketing companies will start to merge their services, offering basic services like video editing, content writing, banner ad creation, etc. across every social network and message app.

New Platforms Are Emerging

New platforms emerge all of time, promising to completely revolutionize social media marketing. Like Friendster before it, these upstarts don’t always catch on (just look at MySpace). But that won’t stop marketers from trying to keep up with new platforms. As a result, it may be a while before they fully understand how they can best incorporate these new tools into their strategy.

User Behavior Keeps Changing

If there’s one rule of social media it’s that users change. How people use social media has continued to evolve, and in a few years will likely have changed significantly. What your audience is looking for today may not be relevant by 2022. What’s more, platforms continue to grow and change, as does how people are using them—and what we’re doing now doesn’t necessarily translate into what will work in a few years.

Stories Are Becoming More Popular Than Posts

In 2019, platforms like Instagram and Facebook started testing out stories that integrate your camera roll photos and videos. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly hard to tell where your photos end and someone else’s begins. This could mean it will be even more important than ever to tell good stories with pictures on social media—which is in line with how we already interact via these platforms.

The Digital Barriers Will Fall Away

One of my social media predictions is that we’ll see a radical shift in how businesses approach digital marketing. Instead of spending large amounts of money to reach more people, marketers will spend larger amounts of money (relative to today) to reach fewer people with better, more tailored content and products.


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