Top 5 Tips for Successful SEO in 2022

What does success look like in the world of search engine optimization? If you asked around, you’d likely get dozens of different answers. Some people would point to traffic as the primary goal; others might say that sales or leads are the most important thing. For our purposes, we’re going to take a look at five (5) common factors shared by successful SEO agencies in 2022, so that you can make sure your business is on the right track this year and in years to come.

What Are Some Good Reasons to Work with the Best SEO Agency?

When it comes to your marketing dollars, it’s probably a good idea to work with one of, if not the best, SEO agencies. Here are five reasons why…

What if I Don’t Want to Hire an Agency?

Building a search-optimized website is an immensely complex task. One way to gain some of that expertise yourself is to use free tools, such as Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools, which give you information about your own site’s ranking performance. You can also hire outside help, but doing so can be expensive. A common choice is hiring an independent contractor or freelancer to manage your SEO efforts on a per-project basis. Freelancers are typically cheaper than full-time employees (although you have less legal recourse if something goes wrong), but they won’t provide all of their time exclusively to your project, so they might not be able to deliver results as quickly as an agency would.

How to Structure my Website so that it can be Indexed by Google by 2022?

Nowadays, it seems every single business needs a website. By 2022, most businesses will have a website and many consumers will be online as well. In fact, Google predicts there will be around three billion internet users by that year. Naturally, you want your site to be indexed by Google so you can rank high in search results—the first place people go when they want information on a topic or company. That means when people enter your keyword into their search engine of choice (likely Google), there’s a good chance your site will pop up somewhere near (or at) the top of their list. Nowadays, it seems every single business needs a website. By 2022, most businesses will have a website and many consumers will be online as well.

How do I Increase My Page Ranking without Using any Black Hat Techniques?

The Internet is changing quickly, and that means it’s up to you to change with it. The best way to stay on top of search engine optimization (SEO) is to keep an eye on search engine news, trends, and changes. Following relevant hashtags can help you see what’s important to your industry’s online community. Use these tools and resources when planning your strategy: The Google Search Console, Moz Open Site Explorer, backlink checking tools like Ahrefs or Majestic, keyword research tools like Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest; Social Mention; Google Trends; Google Correlate; SERP Checker.

How does AI Affect My Online Marketing Strategy?

The most successful online marketers will be those who take advantage of AI to streamline and expand their marketing efforts. By understanding what AI can do for your brand, you’ll be able to use its tools to gain more customers and improve your business’s reputation. Learn more here!


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