Top of the Funnel Optimisation: 3 Ways to Nurture Leads

“’Cause you’re hot then you’re cold, you’re yes then you’re no, You’re in then you’re out, you’re up then you’re down” – Katy Perry

Surely you must have felt this way about your leads at some time! That they seem to be hot then cold, ‘yes’ and then ‘no’.

Ever felt like you can’t understand why your leads are dropping off the sales funnel when you have tried your level best to guide them towards closing a deal?

Try to identify what are you doing wrong. Is your landing page not optimised or is your funnel optimisation done poorly? In this blog, we give you 3 ways in which you can optimise the top of your sales funnel so that your leads stay hot and do not drop off the funnel.

3 Ways in Which You Can Perform Funnel Optimisation by Nurturing Leads

  • Use targeted content

Much before you look to creating your sales page, seriously, much, much before, it’s time to warm up your leads. What you need to do to achieve this, is to target specific content to them. This involves creating content that you know your leads consume, like Instagram reels, posts, and other content pieces like blogs, and infographics. Then understand your buyer’s persona. Understand your target audience. Understand your leads thoroughly. Then as research proves, you can target them with appropriate content before you bring them to your ad or landing page. Content plays a vital role in nurturing leads and you should not lose that opportunity.

  • Send personalised emails

Email marketing is a very effective tool for nurturing clients. Moreover, these emails have to be personalised so that they can attract the right leads. Accenture did research and found that 41% of the consumers switched their businesses because of a lack of personalisation. Therefore, your lead nurturing strategy needs to have email marketing as one of its nurturing strategies. Triggered emails especially help with guiding your customer to some particular web page or landing page.

  • Score leads

Not every lead deserves the same attention. You need to score your leads with a number based on their behaviours. You will need to categorise your lead scoring system in a clever way based on the metrics you wish to achieve. Put your focus on those leads that are spending more time on your web pages, open your emails and browse through your site. Lead scoring helps you understand which leads are worth nurturing and which ones you should let go off.


Once the top of your funnel optimisation has been done, you can start creating your Landing Pages and integrating CRM to analyse every aspect of the sales flow. So, if you require high-converting landing pages, you can reach out to us at Actovision to help you create the same. Our landing pages will help to bring in the much-needed sales you require.


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