Top Web Design Trends in 2022

How will Web design look like in 2022? We are only halfway through 2018, so it’s not easy to tell what the next six years of design will bring. However, there are certain trends that we can already see on the horizon—keep an eye out for these ten 2019 web design trends, and think about where they might take us in 2022

Simplified Web Pages

One thing that will change dramatically over time is Web pages themselves. As our devices become more powerful, Web designers are going to have even more capabilities to showcase. But these advancements also mean that there will be a lot of information on any given page, and it’s going to be challenging for our brain-based browsers to process it all. Websites are likely going to trend toward a much simpler design in order to ensure readability and usability.

Faster Loading

As of 2017, Americans spent an average of 7 hours online every day, and it’s predicted that figure will reach 8 hours by 2022. As we spend more time browsing and interacting with our computers, websites will have to become faster and more efficient. To compete in a world where users can just leave your site if it takes too long to load, web designers need to find ways to make their sites load as quickly as possible.

Mobile-First Approach

With Google planning to put mobile-first indexing into full force as of 2019, how your site looks on a smartphone or tablet will soon be even more important than how it appears on a desktop. Make sure that your responsive website’s design keeps mobile users in mind at all times. The average time spent on a website by someone using a mobile device has increased from just over five minutes to almost 15 minutes since 2013.

Better Use of Visual Hierarchy

We’re currently seeing websites that use images a lot more frequently—but they often lack a good visual hierarchy. If you’re looking to add more imagery to your site, here are three things you should know: (1) Use large, high-quality images whenever possible; (2) Use smaller graphics when you can’t; and (3) Keep visuals for visitors and text for search engines. But if you want to stay true to Google, there are lots of resources out there.

Animation and Video as Confirmation

Why do we even have to wait for your site’s download time to be over? Virtual Reality is gaining an increasing amount of popularity and adoption with consumers, so it’s not surprising that web designers are looking at integrating these technologies into their sites. With virtual reality, you can communicate more effectively with clients without worrying about language barriers—all they need is a headset! Why bother sending brochures or writing lengthy proposals when you can just send them a link?

Increased Attention to Content Strategy

With millions of users and billions of monthly page views, keeping your website up-to-date is no easy task. In order to stay on top of things, it’s important to invest early in a strategy for content creation.


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