What Are The Social Media Trends Of 2020?

According to a report, internet users spent a daily average time of 144 minutes on social media networking in 2019, which is, of course, greater than the time spent on social media in the preceding years (Source: statista.com). This trend tells us that social media is here to make waves thereby impacting people and their browsing habits like never before. As social media usage is expected to increase, you have to strategize a marketing campaign that aligns with this trend to produce effective results for your business. However, given the vast area of social media, companies are often afraid to tread these areas of marketing. Do you get overwhelmed when it comes to using social media tools? Do you not know how to get started? Hire an agency that incorporates the latest trends in their social media marketing services. Since consumer behavior is extremely dynamic, following the current marketing trends will keep your business highly relevant and visible across social media channels.

Want to make the most of social media trends of 2020? Find them here.

1. Use influencer marketing as an audience-building strategy – Social media influencers are all over the place. As they connect with audiences on a personal level, their appeal can have a huge impact on the consumers’ purchase decisions. So, getting such influencers endorse your products or services is a surefire way of expanding your customer reach on social media channels. Calvin Young, a differently-abled traveler/blogger promoting Busbud, a travel company, is an example of influencer marketing. Planning along these lines can help you win more customers and earn more revenue.

2. Live stream for real-time communication – Videos and podcasts are effective in attracting more customers, but live streaming is going to take center-stage in customer engagement this year. As per a survey, over 80% of consumers would prefer watching live streams than reading written content posted by business brands on social media platforms (Source: brandongaille.com). Should your business miss out on this golden opportunity of interacting with the customers? So, strategize accordingly!

3. Humanize your brand and connect better – Ditch that grim and professional tone of communication. An informal way of talking and expressing human-like emotions help you interact with the customers in a better way! Want a hit example to follow? Netflix’s brand humanizing game is on spot! With tongue-in-cheek and humorous comments, the brand has rightly earned an increasing number of customers. However, you may have to engage the right digital marketing services to make your brand more relatable and approachable to the audiences out there.

4. Security is more important today than ever before – Security issues are often regarded as the bane of the digital revolution. And Facebook’s latest data breach mishap has once again underlined the growing menace of hacking on social media (Source: selfkey.org). Notwithstanding the odds, we should be on the lookout for solutions. So, to keep your business account and customer information safe, set strong passwords, keep your apps updated, use encryption, and install antivirus. Remember, complying with the security features will present your business brand as a credible one before the customers.


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