What is a Conversion Funnel and How to Optimize It?

As a person in business, your bottom line should be to increase sales.

How can you do that?

Imagine your prospective customers as walking through certain stages before they make a decision to purchase something on your website or via your landing page. These stages, are typically known in marketing parlance as the AIDA or the Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action stages. These stages are envisioned as a funnel because of the number of potential customers “dropping-off” the funnel at each stage, with only a small number making it to the final stage or the Action stage. Hence at each stage you will require conversion funnel optimization, which is what we will discuss in this blog. Let’s delve deeper.

What is a Conversion Funnel?

A conversion funnel refers to a set of stages that a prospective buyer passes through before the ultimate goal of “converting” which is buying a product or taking some desired action.
The reason this buyer’s journey is called a conversion funnel, is because, it narrows as it progresses, creating a funnel shape, wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. At every stage of the funnel, people tend to drop-off, hence the funnel needs to be optimized at each stage, known as conversion funnel optimization.

How to Optimize the Conversion Funnel

  • Target the Right Traffic

For top of the funnel optimization, you need to bring in the right traffic to your landing page. Instead of junk traffic coming your way, try to target an audience that is actually likely to convert. So primarily, check for high-quality traffic. This will require a lot of analysis and keyword research.

  • Building Trust

Once you have targeted the right traffic to land on your site, you need to build trust with that traffic. The way to do this is to by posting case studies, testimonials, community forums and price comparisons. Once trust has been established, you can move on to the next part of the conversion funnel optimization process.

  • Build Rapport

Once a lead has been converted you need to build a rapport with them over time. You have to keep them interested in your products, so you can use remarketing strategies and other tactics to promote future products to these customers who stick with you till the end of the sales process.


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