Why is it better to Outsource Web Development Services to India?

In the fast-paced world of the internet where millions of websites compete with each other to reach out to their target audience, it is primarily the quality of your website (along with other factors such as ranking on SERPs, etc) that helps your business to stay relevant and competitive. Further, the quality of your website ultimately determines the Customer Experience (CX), the crucial factor that helps your website to garner customer traffic repeatedly. According to Forbes, companies that offer superior customer experiences outperform their rivals by 80%.

Over the years, India has emerged as one of the most mature markets globally to outsource business processes including IT. According to a survey conducted by CBRE, a leading real estate consulting firm, more than 75 percent of multinational companies consider India as their preferred outsourcing market. Their confidence is based on India’s buoyant economy, growing talent pool, regulatory reforms, and cost advantage, among others. Let us discuss these in detail:

Cost advantage: In terms of the currency exchange rate, the currencies of the USA, Canada, European countries, Australia, and the Middle East (dollar, euro, pound-sterling, dirham, etc) have a much higher value than the Indian Rupee. It means if you happen to be from the above-mentioned countries and want to outsource your web development job to an Indian company, the cost would be significantly less. So, when it comes to choosing quality and savings, outsourcing the job to India would be in your best interest.

Quality: The attribute we just referred to in the above segment. A bad-quality website can mean disaster for your business. Forget getting traffic, you may end up with a bruised brand image and tattered reputation. In a world of growing incidences of cybercrime and shifting customer preferences, the presence of bugs, vulnerabilities, and glitches in your website can hit your business hard. This is where outsourcing the job to an experienced web development company in India matters. Thanks to their experience in developing websites for multiple domains and expertise in the latest web development trends and technologies, India-based developers can build a quality website for your business. In doing so, they consider factors such as business objectives, latest web design trends, responsiveness, usability, functionality, and security, among others. No wonder business enterprises from around the world continue to outsource their web development jobs to Indian developers.

Top-quality skill sets: When it comes to hiring developers offering web development services, clients often find developers not skilled in multiple technology stacks. However, this is not the case with experienced Indian web development companies as they have developers skilled in multiple web technologies. These include technologies such as Node JS, Angular, React, PHP, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, Joomla, and others. So, an Indian software company can build your website on a platform that is most suitable to your budget and business objective.

Better time utilization: Due to the differences in time zone, you can utilize the services of an Indian website development company 24 x 7 including during non-working hours. Also, if your business remains open between say, 9 to 6, the web development companies in India can work round the clock. This can help improve the productivity and efficiency of your project.

Saving on infrastructure: By outsourcing the job to an Indian software company you can save money by not setting up an in-house infrastructure. Instead, the outsourced company in India takes care of everything in terms of making investments in software resources, training employees, and hardware infrastructure.

A talent pool of resources: Indian educational institutions churn out highly skilled human resources in various domains including Information Technology. India has a talent pool of 15 million skilled programmers categorized into areas such as web development, software development, and mobile app development, among others. Also, experienced web development companies in India offer customized web solutions based on your business needs. They have the right blend of talent pool comprising web developers, business analysts, quality analysts, designers, digital marketing experts, and project managers. So, by outsourcing your web development job to an experienced Indian software company you can be assured of high-quality work within agreed timelines.

Effective communication: Thanks to the availability of state-of-the-art infrastructure comprising high data bandwidth spread across cities, people working with Indian software companies can easily communicate (and exchange data) with their counterparts present in any part of the world. This means you can keep a track of the progress of your work in real-time on a daily basis and receive work-related documents and to-do lists as and when needed. Besides, India has arguably the largest English-speaking population in the world. This means you can easily communicate with the developers (and other stakeholders) on any business-related aspect.

Regulatory reforms: India is a signatory to most of the international covenants on protecting data privacy. Besides, India has reformed its laws to facilitate the setting up of SEZs (Special Economic Zones) where IT companies work for businesses based in the USA and other countries. This means you work with genuine IT companies with expertise and experience rather than deal with fly-by-night operators.


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