Why Should You Choose WordPress for Website Development?

With so many platforms available out there, it’s often overwhelming to select the right one for website development. And failing to select the right platform for a website will massively affect its performance. Now, if you are on the lookout for the right web platform, WordPress must be a familiar name to you. However, if you have not yet made up your mind, this blog is a must-read. Here, we will explore why WordPress is the right platform for powering your website.

WordPress: The Best Choice for Website Development

Easy to Customize

Template-based websites no longer appeal to visitors. WordPress enables easy customization. This is why WordPress is the first choice for the experts at any reputed website development company.

Firstly, there are numerous WordPress themes befitting any niche such as the a website to feature services, blog, online store, QA website, etc. Further, these can be easily customized. Many of the themes come with an options panel that let you change colors and background, upload logo, create beautiful sliders, and customize other features.


None wants to take a risk when it comes to building and managing a website. It’s always better to pick a reliable platform and WordPress is just that.

According to a study by Kinsta, WordPress powers 34% of all websites, which means 60% of the CMS market. It is much ahead of Joomla that occupies the second rank powering 2.9% of all websites and occupying 5.2% of the CMS market.

Some of the notable companies that use WordPress for their website include CNN, Sony Music, TED, TechCrunch, BBC America, etc.

A reliable web platform is rich with an ever-increasing community. You can always seek assistance from the experts around the corner. Further, the platform is regularly updated with new features and functionalities. Therefore, WordPress can fulfil your dream of getting a high-end modern website. Engage professional WordPress development services and create a smart website today.

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These days, ensuring SEO-friendliness is a crucial consideration right from the time of website development. Every website owner seeks to stand out from the competition, enhance their rank on the search engine, and drive more organic traffic.

WordPress is mainly a CMS (Content Management System) which makes it the best choice for SEO-friendly website development. WordPress has various built-in tools that can help you track the SEO-friendliness of your site. You can also upgrade from basic SEO tools to installing WordPress SEO plugins.

Yoast SEO is a reliable WordPress SEO plugin. It has a free and a premium version. You can get familiar with the free version before purchasing the paid version. The premium version will give you access to relevant keywords, phrases, and related terms. You can automatically monitor the most important pages on your site. Further, you will get insights into content optimization, internal link suggestions, ad-free experience, and more.

Other than Yoast SEO, there are various other WordPress SEO plugins including Rank Math, The SEO Framework, All in One SEO Pack, and more. To enhance your SEO efforts with on-page and off-page SEO practices, consider engaging professional SEO services.

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Support for Numerous Media Types

A static website filled with lots of text content cannot retain users for a long time. They will feel bored and bounce. That’s why, web developers insist on using different media types such as images, audio, video, document, etc. to create a user engaging website.

WordPress supports all these media types and more. Therefore, you can enrich your website with dynamic media types.

Ease of Content Creation

Content lies at the heart of web development. WordPress has made it easier as it allows non-technical people to easily create and upload content.

Once your site is live, you need to navigate to the posts section of the dashboard menu. Here, you will find a text editor, formatting options, and ways to upload media files. Now, you can create and publish new blog posts.
Editing is also a hassle-free process here. Simply make the changes, click on the save button and the latest version of the content will be live.

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Seamless Management

WordPress makes website maintenance real easy. Website management involves various things including security checks, running backups, updating themes and plugins, managing spam, testing for functionality and broken links, improving speed, search engine optimization, and more.

You can take out some time and on involving a little learning curve, you can do these all. However, if you don’t intend to divert your focus from business, you can always hire WordPress developers for regular or on-demand maintenance needs. This will be cost-effective and your website will always perform at its best.

We hope you have got insights into why WordPress is the best platform for your website development. Don’t waste your time. It’s your turn to bring your business online with a custom website.


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